Women in Big Data

Last night, I attended a meetup on the topic of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics held by Women in Big Data. The talk highlighted some interesting and exciting ways this technology is transforming existing business models and improving customers experiences.

The second part of the meetup focused on experiences provided by attendees of the meetup.

Key facts I learned:

  1. Current female participation in Science & Engineering is <15%
  2. % of women holding technical jobs in corporate America is around 15%
  3. <3% of Apache project chairs/leads are women
  4. Companies are struggling to find qualified employees - women provide untapped potential
  5. Women prefer to enter professions where they can have a beneficial impact on people and society

There was some discussion about the number of women on the board at big corporate companies. Digging into the facts on tech companies, I learned that the proportion of women named to the boards of companies is 14.3%. Furthermore, "30% of public company tech boards have no women at all".

I've attended numerous tech meetups in the last 12 months and have noticed that more than 95% of attendees are male. I guess this is not surprising when only 12% of engineers employed by tech companies are women, which I learned last night (Source: Women in Big Data).

Attending this meetup and listening to the decisions and challenges women face(d) was inspiring. It's great to see movements like this one and others such as Women in AI.

As founder of a tech company in France, I feel the duty to create a team and company that enables gender equality and unbiased hiring practices. By encouraging and listening to women share their experiences, we can learn how to keep our companies moving towards more equitable futures.

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