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Rethinking Technical Papers in Oil & Gas


The way in which engineers report and publish technical papers hasn't changed much over the past several decades.

At Computation Hub, we have peer-reviewed some novel work involving Machine Learning to be considered for a conference. It got us thinking about the whole review process when we checked the paper.

One of the main ...

Digital Transformation Terminology

This list was updated on the 3rd February 2019. New additions: Artificial Neural Network, Cybernetics, Data Lake, Drone, Integrated Operations, Proof of Concept and Smart Grid.

Digitalization is gathering pace within the Oil & Gas industry. The emphasis on breeding a digital culture and mindset among the workforce to meet business challenges has been clearly ...

Growing an Attractive Workplace Culture

We believe that core values are an essential part of any organisation or project. Our company's core values help our team collaborate effectively, to develop empowering software solutions that help create value for our customers business. Moreover, these values help guide our team in developing their skills, knowledge, autonomy and career progression within a safe ...

Digitisation or Digitalisation?

Recently, I came across some social media posts and articles that mentioned “digitisation”. I’m particularly used to saying/reading “digitalisation” (or autocorrecting digitalization). I’ve read a post on Linkedin where the author used “digitisation” and it didn’t appear to fit the context of the remainder of the post.

How to boost your teams output whilst minimizing costs

Traditionally, engineers perform calculations, run simulations and post-process results in a way that is fragmented which restricts team productivity, quality of results and project schedule. Many tools are used to derive modelling inputs (coefficients, material and fluid properties) which in turn are then manually inputted by the engineer into engineering simulation software to perform engineering design analyses.