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Oil & Energy - Digital Digest - Online Meeting #2

Event Update

After receiving positive and insightful feedback from attendees of the first Digital Digest Online Meetup, we have decided to run two sessions on the same day. This will allow people to participate afterwork and at an agreeable time related to their timezone. There will be two options available from which you can choose below.

Interested attendees can ...

AI and Its Cousins

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning are trending subjects worldwide with applications being deployed in all business segments e.g. medicine, self driving vehicles and customer services.

How to boost your teams output whilst minimizing costs

Traditionally, engineers perform calculations, run simulations and post-process results in a way that is fragmented which restricts team productivity, quality of results and project schedule. Many tools are used to derive modelling inputs (coefficients, material and fluid properties) which in turn are then manually inputted by the engineer into engineering simulation software to perform engineering design analyses.