PROduct Integrity Monitoring and Prediction During LAY Operations


Subsea pipeline and power cable installation operations with shallow water and deepwater construction vessels are costly, risky and time sensitive. Operators and their Contractors would like to:

  1. Enhance decision making and planning onboard so that engineers can aim for maximum vessel workability
  2. Predict likely scenarios by utilising data from operations to avoid downtime
  3. Reduce the risk of costly remedial works so that the offshore campaign is not delayed


PROLAY uses Machine Learning (data prediction) and data visualisation to aid decision making onboard. It is a web application accessed in any web browser. It's deployed onto a private secure server within your network. The application works with onboard vessel systems and data streaming devices to update the PROLAY dashboard.


Truly real-time health assessments of subsea pipelines and power cables to maximise the operating weather window during installation

Prediction of product forces and stresses using historical data which helps operation optimisation, planning and decision making in advance

Ascertain loadings on stinger equipment to avoid costly, unplanned repairs

Enhanced Touchdown Monitoring and Visualisation

Visualise vessel motion, product behaviour, stress concentrations and real-time plotting thanks to a 3D model viewer and rainbow colour mapping. Benefit from huge costs savings because touch down monitoring by ROV and support vessel are not required. This means that other activities can benefit because extra resources are available.

Web Browser Dashboard. Accessible Anywhere

Work collaboratively with colleagues offshore and onshore in a centralised web environment. Get in Touch for a Demo